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Topic: I cant start a new forum

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I cant start a new forum
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I did try to start a new forum but I was not able to do it.




1 In the page



I did click the link  create a new forum


2- I was asked to type my e mail adress


Are you a member of Sparklit?

If you already have a Sparklit account, please select "Yes". You will then be prompted to sign in.


Do you have a Sparklit account?


 No/I don't know (You will be prompted to create one)

I Choose option one. ( yes)


Existing Sparklit Users
Please log in below

I did Type  my e mail wich is peter42y@netcabo.pt

and password

2a  I got the following answer


Email / Password Incorrect
There was an error with your email/password combination, please try again or use our "password lookup" function


3- I did try the lookup password function.


I did type my mail again and I got the following answer


3a   We are sorry . There were some problems with your input.

No service  with this ID ( Peter42y@netcabo.pt )  exists.








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You don't have an account with us yet, so you will have to set one up. When it asks if you have an account, choose "no"

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