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Topic: add these things to active board

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add these things to active board
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ActiveBoard should add these things...


Smilys (the bottom right thing with the smilys in it)

There should be a way the admin can put our own smilys in there...

like this...


:smileface: www.blah.com/smilesmily.gif
:stabintheface: www.poomuffin.com/cheese.gif


In peoples profiles

there should be...

Currently- Offline...if online...put

Viewing Topic (topic name)
Posting in (topic name)
Instant Message


So it gives more information about the user...


Where it says last post it only says who made it and wha time...

It should says who made the last post...what time they made it...the topic name...

and when you click the topic name it takes you to the topics 1st page...

There should be a little picture next to it that when you click it takes you to the last post in that topic...


A check all button in the PM thing...


Bigger Avatar size!


a way that bans someone for a certain amount of time and when the time is up the user can come back on...


Subforum thingyz...

Archive(Forum Name)
(forum name that links to the forum)(another one)(another one)

I have events on my board...like egghunts and other stupid stuff...and when they end I dont want to delete it...there should be a way I can make a forum that has the old forums that i can add to it...

When you click archive it will take you to the topics

Like what Vbulletin has...

This is from a vbulletin board...

Old Babble activity forums and other old things with remembering are sent here.
Sub-Forums: Introductions and All That Archive, Election Central, Halloween Town, Spooky Spectacular Halloweenie Contests, Happy Hanukkah, The Most Horrible X-Mas Forum Ever!, Evil Cherubs, MY GOD IT'S FULL OF PIGS!, Voting Of The DOOMED!!!, 2004 BBRP Babble Piggy Awards, The Great Egg Hunt, BBRP Talent Show

All those sub forums are forums that they put there instead of deleting them...


and other stuff

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