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Topic: Lighting Fixture Shapes and Forms

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Lighting Fixture Shapes and Forms
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Lighting is a very important element of every house. Without proper lighting any amount of interior decoration cannot look its best. There are various fixture shapes and forms available these days. One can choose from the abundant variety depending upon their interests.
Portable lighting is used as an ambient, task and accent lighting while also giving the flexibility to move the light wherever required. To complement the interior design table lamps, floor lamps and torchieres are available in a variety of styles. Various task, ambient and accent lighting needs can be fulfilled by small specialty lamps like clip-on lights, adjustable task lights and desk and accent lamps.
The Track lighting available today is such that it is much less noticeable in the space. It is very flexible and can be used for ambient, task and accent lighting. They can be moved, swiveled, rotated and aimed in any direction along the track providing the flexibility to change the lighting scheme when there is a need. Chandeliers and pendants can also be hung from the track with special attachments.
The bendable, flexible rail lighting systems are increasing in demand not only due to their function but also to be used as a decorative element.
Recessed lighting provides general, task and ambient lighting in a very subtle way. They can be used anywhere in the house and for any type of ceiling including tall ceilings, shorter ceilings and sloped ceilings. They are installed in the ceiling with only the trim showing.
Under-cabinet fixtures are excellent sources of task and accent lighting. They are generally mounted under kitchen wall cabinets to provide excellent light on the counter tops.
Kerala apartments are increasingly using these sources of light to serve its purpose and to add beauty.

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