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Topic: New Suggestions

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1 - Have a comparison page of free vs. gold activeboard that shows the differences.

2 - Possibly set up the Forum Access page more like the User Privileges page and have it so that you can click ALL next to a users name to give them access to all your forums. Currently you have to go into each area seperately and set each person individually. If you have more than a few areas and have to set them all up for each new user it get's to be very annoying.

3 - For some reason in a users profile their Homepage won't show up even if they've entered it in properly.

4 - The Time Zone doesn't stay set although it stays at the same setting.
Example: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) switches to (GMT-05:00) Bogota, Lima, Quito. I know it's the "same" time but it's annoying.

5 - Ability to not include the "edited by (user) at (time), (date)." Maybe a place to set the default but still have the ability to include or exclude it when actually editing the post.

6 - Include the drop down selector for page x of X at both the top and bottom, maybe in the middle?

Wow...I think that's all for now. Hopefully these will be helpful.

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I miss following features:

  • E-mail to Admin when new members sign up (today: messy/no control)

  • Agree on forum-access control. Today - nightmare showing few members per page.

  • IP look-up possibility. Need to be able to look-up all activities for one given IP - have had issues with spam where I would like to know if the bad-seed is in fact one of my good-guys. An IP check/listing could help me there.

  • Admin possibility to change font-colour on Admin postings. This in order to seperate Admin msgs from users

  • Possibility to have custom Avtars (and only those pics I prefer).

  • Back-up of Forum. Not sure how this work. My forum now got close to 4.000 postings and 300 members. I would hate if for some reason it got trashed/lost due to whatever reason. Would suggest possibility to get back-up of postings outside normal server i.e. sent on CD (pay-service). I would certainly pay for it.

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It would be great to have to forum name across the top of the page.

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