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Topic: WHAT ACTIVEBOARD NEEDS! well some suggestions...

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WHAT ACTIVEBOARD NEEDS! well some suggestions...
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Hey Justin or sparklit,

 I have a few suggestions for you.

1) there should be the dhtml drop down menu on every page  including the register page....

2) Should be links... "reply" "Quote" "start new topic" on every post as you scroll down in a topic.

3) The font color is black on the members page list thing.... It has black font and you cant change it. So I cant tell what each thing is just the stuff below the black font on a black bg.

4) Should be the option to change the name of sticky posts or just not have a name at all for them.

5) Posts that are closed I think should be called LOCKED not closed. or maybee user can choose themselves?...

6) The Drop down menu to choose what page u view should be changed to number links... like 1 2 3 4 because once a post gets to teh point its on more than one page my members dont reply anymore because they dont notice that little drop down menu they just think there hanst been anymore posts.

7) The Poll thing I was talking about... The first selection in the drop down menu when creating a poll... "Close date" should be never
and then the second one be 1 day. Because my mebers dont even notice that and than are like what the frig people cant vote, the next day.

8) When starting a new topic or viewing a profile or edditing your own The dhtml menu should be at the top like i said before about the register page.

9) Deffinately need a chat feature... One of the dhtml drop downs should be a chat like the one i did with a tagboard and a custom thing in the dhtml menu.


10) Everyone should be setup to have an avatar... People who dont choose one just get a question mark kinda image thing...

11) When you click on a post and you go to reply and you're not logged in it takes you to a page taht says this is a forum that is not public or w.e... It should also have a login form right there to login and when you do it should take you to the reply section that you were trying to get to in the first place and not back to the forum home....I think thats all for now...

You're doing a great job sparklit! Keep up the good work.



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One more thing....

12) When members are banned theyshould know there banned instead of just not being able to log in... It should say somethin like You cannot access this forum anymore you are Banned.




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